Dear IMPD & Indianapolis Media

Amanda Blackburn.

Now that I have your attention I plead with IMPD to put the same sort of effort into solving the murders of Coriana Johnson, 17, and Makayla Mitchell, 18, which occurred on October 4, 2015. They were not blonde. They were not white. They were not the wives of pastors. They were not pregnant. They were teen girls with jobs that gave back to their community, and they were shot to death in their car. Since that time we have seen a pretty, blonde woman who was also tragically murdered get a response from IMPD that included multiple homicide detectives and nearly 24/7 media coverage.

Coriana and Makayla deserve the same pressing, intense police work. The cases are different and I recognize that. IMPD has been quoted as saying it’s possible that Coriana and Makayla knew their killer, but shouldn’t that make their suspect easier to find, even if those connected are not as forthcoming with information?
Three young lives were destroyed by violence, yet Amanda’s seems to be the only one with value. I urge the city of Indianapolis, our media, and IMPD to make Coriana and Makayla a priority. Their families and friends suffer, just as those of Amanda do, and it’s time to stand up and demand that their lives matter, too.


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