We’d like to thank everyone who supported our action at the Indiana statehouse on March 14th — in person or online.10399924_1075436885810098_5390498491060249943_n.jpg

So, let’s continue to keep the pressure on the governor to veto this bill. Ask your friends and loved ones to join us in the fight to protect pregnant Hoosiers!

You can let Governor Pence know how you feel about ‪#‎HEA1337‬ in the
following ways —

By Phone: 317-232-4567 (We know that this has not been a successful avenue previously, but we’re interested to know how long the governor intends to leave his phone off the hook, as it were. 😉)

By Mail:1918850_1075436932476760_1192749076517110771_n.jpg
Office of the Governor

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797

On Twitter: @GovPenceIN (keep using #HEA1337 #Veto1337 & ‪#‎Itsatrap‬)

On Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/GovernorMikePence

Or send the Governor an Email at the bottom of this page:http://www.in.gov/gov/2333.htm




3 thoughts on “#VETO1337

  1. This bill is so extreme….as a physical therapist who has worked with children with severe disability, I support a woman’s choice in this situation in particular. I do not support abortion as birth control. I am a Christian and know the (personal) emotional, spiritual fallout that occurs with these decisions. However, the physical and financial toil of raising children so severely impaired is a societal issue. Please veto this bill in it’s current form.


  2. I just called his office and spoke with someone, leaving my message. Maybe I was successful because it was an early morning call.


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