Conversational and Strategic Modes:

We want to have fun, socialize, and have general discussion relating to equality and current events. Just about every thread here is fine to shoot the breeze and go off-topic. However, if we specify in a thread that things need to stay on-mission for that particular thread, going off topic will result in warning, deletion, and possibly consequences if anyone keeps derailing. We will be able to tell pretty quickly if you mean to derail or if you went off course by accident. If it was an accident, you won’t keep doing it.


If you aren’t sure what exactly feminism is, please see our “Feminist 101” page.

What if I don’t live in Indiana/the Midwest?

Hey, you’re still more than welcome to join and be active in the community! There is a reason the Shakesville blog ( refers to Indiana as “The Conservative Legislation Lab.” A lot of odious bills they try to foist onto you other states get tried out here first. You remember how the summer of 2013 was jam packed with anti-woman laws getting hammered through in state after state, and how everyone howled and protested? They passed it here first. Same with voting-rights attacks including Voter ID. The list goes on.

The only buffer we have between us and these laws is the ACLU filing lawsuits. Indy Feminists is working on a grassroots level to change this. Each time conservatives win here, it emboldens them to take their crusade to the next state, and the next, on a state and local level. Decades of conservative strategy got us to the point where the U.S. House passed a 20-week abortion ban. That should have been a huge wake-up call to you.

That being said, “Why don’t you just move?” is not to be uttered. This is our home. We will stand our ground and fight, not just for our own rights but for yours. Our fight is your fight now. We need you to help us spread the word and proactively keep pressure on, so that the message is driven home that you’ll no longer accept our state being used as a test subject in efforts to bring oppression across the United States.


You’re certainly welcome here, and we love our male allies. However, if you “mansplain,” expect to be called on it, and expect consequences if you continue after being called on it. (This includes quibbling over the usage of the term “mansplain.”)


Members are subject to a 2-strike warning process for violation of community guidelines. After your second strike, you’ll be suspended from participating for 30 days. Anyone who is obviously trolling will not be subject to the 2-strike warning. Trolling will result in an instant ban. If you get a suspension, please behave when you come back, because the next strike will result in a ban.


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